Jacks Point Trail Run – Queenstown

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This event has been cancelled due to lack of support from the Jacks Point Management  and in particular Mike Coburn who was personally opposed to any events at Jacks Point that did not conform to the golfing fraternity in general

If you wish to voice your concerns to Mike and tell him what you think of his decision then feel free to contact him Email 

New Event for 2018 Kanuka Killer

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From casual jogger to die-hard running enthusiast, the Smiths Craft Beer House– Jacks Point Trail Run is suitable for runners from every ability level. The beautiful scenery is so distracting you might even forget you’re running… just watch out for trees! From Lake Wakatipu towards Walter and Cecil Peaks and down towards Kingston, let the magic of the Wakatipu basin make this Queenstown run the most spectacular! Choose from the fun ‘Snap Fitness 10k trail loop’ or the ‘Outside Sports 21k Half Marathon’ for a real challenge. There are no medals up for grabs, just some amazing spot prizes and a celebratory after-party at Smiths Craft Beer House. Grab your running shoes and some mates and head to the Jacks Point Trail Run for some serious fun!

Major Spot Prize for Locals


WIN  Fresh Fruit & Vegetables delivered to your door every week for a year (Value =$2,600!!)  thanks “Crisp” 

Proudly a Dog Friendly event with support from the team at Dog Rescue Trust Queenstown





Photo’s : Jeremy @purepixel


Race Day : Saturday September 2nd 2017

Race Start : 10:30 am

Briefing : 10:00 am

Snap Fitness 10k 

$38 online price only

Open Men and Women Categories only

Outside Sports 21k Half Marathon

$48 online price only 


Open Male / Female 15-39 yrs

Veteran Male / Female 40 – 49 yrs

Legend Male / Female 50 + yrs

  • Race Number must be worn on the FRONT of your top or shorts, PLEASE ensure your number is visible at all times. If the time keepers can’t see your number then you will not get a result.
  • follow the event course markers and pink tape at all times
  • where there is an “orange cone” on the course you MUST run within 1 meter of this (that is one large step) anyone seen not running as near as practical to the cone marker will be withdrawn from the results
  • at no time are you permitted to run on the road
  • there is one road crossing on the Preserve Road, cross at the designated crossing point and follow the directions of the marshal .
  • where there is pink tape on the ground DO NOT cross over this
  • please no littering anywhere on or off the course, carry your gel wrappers and dispose of them in the event rubbish or recycling bins provided by Smart Environmental at the Event HQ
  • There will be water and SOS available at the start/finish. It is recommended that you carry your own fluid and gels, especially if you are entered in the Half Marathon.
  • If for any reason you withdraw from the event please let the time keepers or myself know that you are back safely.

Prize Ceremony:

Starts at 3:00 pm-  Smiths Craft Beer House (upstairs)  – 53 Shotover St, Queenstown parking at the the Mann St Parking Building


A stunning out and back course awaits you, be prepared for some exciting off road running with a combination of all of these; single grass tracks, tussock lined trails, elevation both up and down, fast technical single trail through the trees and a few fast flat sections too.

Course Map

Auckland based freelance photographer Jeremy @purepixel has been commissioned to be event photographer



Mountain Scene 2016 Report

NZ Herald Preview 2015 Event

Event Made Possible By the Generous Support of these guys! 

Foundation Sponsors

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2 Responses to Jacks Point Trail Run – Queenstown

  1. Hayden Dawson says:

    Hey just wondering how hilly the course is compared to last yeare with the changes you have made. Does it still climb 700 vertical metres over the half?


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